The IWC, International Watch Co. AG has been based in Schaffhausen (Switzerland) since 1868. In 1880, a machine manufacturer from Schaffhausen, Johannes Rauschenbach – Vogel, made the economic breakthrough.
The pocket watches are made in a very good quality and are exported all over the world. Later wristwatches, whether rectangular or round and also very elegant followed. In the 40’s they become world famous as a supplier of English military watches. The Mark XI remains legendary for the Royal Airforce.
In the 50/60 years, the IWC impresses with innovation and develops popular models such as Ingenieur, Aquatimer and other classic watches in steel and gold. The watch series “85” is installed as an automatic variant in many models. Even in the difficult 70s and 80s, during the quartz crisis, the “Schaffhausen” focused on classic mechanical complications. To this day, the IWC is a very reliable, high quality and very popular company.